- vinyl collector

- art admirer

- outdoor junkie

- poetry reader

- enfp

- cat lover

A Little About Myself


I'm Cara Lindsay and I cannot wait to meet you! First and foremost, thank you for being here and reading this!

I'm was born and raised here in NE Portland, Oregon. I've always been very grateful to live here and it just continues to grow. I have fallen into the basic definition of a Portlander stereotype. Including dietary restrictions, funky outfits, Subaru driver, coffee consumer, cat lover, La Croix drinker, beanie wearer, and picture taker.

I believe I was born a creative and love being able to share that with the world. My love for the camera actually started in videography, which I still love to do and I've moved to the challenge of telling a story through still frames.

I love sharing my passion with all types of people. My biggest goal is to have my brand speak for acceptance of all. I would like to be a safe person for POC and LGBTQA+ to feel comfortable to come to if they need photography work done. I want to showcase ALL beauty. In other words, I love you for who you are what you believe or don't believe in. Let's make magic happen with some good vibes, silly dance moves, and tell your gosh dang beautiful story!


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